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flipped double struck full brockage?

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I have here what I think to be a flipped, double struck, full brockage. I am new at this so I would love to hear everyone’s and anyone’s opinions on this coin.


This Lincoln Memorial penny is a 2000 Denver mint. It has both images on both sides. One set of images is probably the original stamping; it is normal. The other set has the images in reverse and they are both concave. Also, they don’t line up with each other. As far as I can tell the brockage covers the whole coin. Is this unusual? The pics I have seen of this type of error usually have “ears”.


I don’t think this is fake because I found it in circulation. Who would take the time to make a fake and then spend it?


Anyway, please tell me what you think. The pics aren’t that great, but it’s as good as it gets with my resources. If anyone has any ideas on cash value that would be wonderful.


Please take a look at the pictures.








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thats a weird one... and without closer pictures its difficult to say %100.... from those pics and not being able to see it closer i'm leaning towards something else and it's prob not an error... the front looks like there is glue or something on it???? My best guess is that someone glued 3 cents together and that's the middle one after they broke them apart... brockages distort the heck out of the coins shape...where as this one looks to be normal... my brockaged 2 cents

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A brockage occurs when a coin is struck and then sticks to usually the bottom die.Then a new planchet is fed in and struck. The original coin that was stuck then acts as a sort of die and leaves an incuse reverse image on the other side of the second coin (the brockage).Brockage's can be found which are miss-aligned and partial. The most sought after type are the "full' or mirror brockage, where the image is fully centred and a mirror of the opposite side.


Heres a pic of a Victoria obverse full brockage.


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