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British 1862 Exhibition Medallion. Info?

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Hello, a friend of mine moved into a house a couple years back. One day he noticed a loose floorboard, and, upon inspection, found a case hidden under it. Inside the case was a pair of earrings, an Australian 1910 gold sovereign (like the one pictured in the above banner, Melbourne mint), and the 1862 International exhibition medallion (link to pics below).


We have spent hours upon hours looking for more info on the medallion, but have yet to see the exact one, and none of similar size. We are not collectors, and as such, we didn't really know where to look - we just fumbled around online. So, I came to ask you good folks to provide some info since you have the potential to provide real answers.


Were there alot of these made? What is the potential value? Do the case and the medallion constitute a set - I ask because the wording on the case is all about memorializing the late Prince Albert, but the medallion itself makes no mention of him (Though I realize his connection to the exhibition). By the way, the medallion does fit nicely inside the casing and is approximately 62mm in diameter. Unfortunately there is a big scratch on the medallion, which is very evident in the pics, and the case is cracked around the braided embellishment. You can see the crack in the pic featuring the bust of Albert starting at the L in late, arcing around and ending near the I in prince.


Any help is much appreciated. Thank You.




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I have a similar medal, albeit smaller than yours (26mm) struck in white medal (the dealer listed it as aluminum). The reverse is the same as yours. The obverse essentially the same except with less text below the building (length, width, size, cost). I paid about $50 (I didn't actually believe it was aluminum). I suspect yours is silver from the looks of the photograph. I don't know what the values actually might be, but with the case I would say it is more desirable than the same medal without the case. Exposition pieces are collectible. It is a nice find regardless of actually monetary value.

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Very nice medals, I have a alluminium one for the Great Exibition it cost me around £5 a year or so ago, I realy do like this type of medal :ninja: Can you tell me the name that is under the head?


De Orc ;)

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