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My first coin show tomorrow...

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But, find Karl Stephens. He will have a full range of foreign in all price ranges. His table will be crowded. Wait your turn and then look through everything you can think to be interested in.


My dad used to buy from him 30 years ago, so I emailed Karl Stevens' business a while back, asking for his price list and mentioning the connection. They sent me a nice note along with the list.


Thanks for the advice, Bill. The Santa Clara show sounds like a bonanza.

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Sounds like your into the foreign coins more than the US ones. To bad you are not around the Chicago area. There is a giant foreign coin show coming up soon. Called the Chicago International Coin Fair on april 26 to 29th in Rosemont, Il. near where all the WWE wrestling stuff is held. I don't collect foreign coins but since it is withing walking distance, if the weather is nice, I go there just to see how big it is compared to last time. Also, I go there to try to figure out what country some of the coins are from. Educational for sure.

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