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A guessing game to go

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In here, I will be giving away a batch of coins to three lucky winners! (Well I wished I could send more but postage here offically sucks)


In here, I have 30 different coins from 10 different countries, and they are all different varities, I.e. no same coin or design!


What I am going to do is to make you guess HARD ;)





I will enter in a random hint each day at midnight here and this contest will end 5 minutes before April Fool's day finishes here. Almost a good week for you to give your best guess ;) People with the highest points win and the top three will be given what I have planned.


Feel free to edit as many times as you like when you see my hints.




What I will require is 5 different countries and the number of coins that I am offering from the countries that you are guessing.


For example if you think I am terrible and offer plenty of US cents, type in:


1. US, 10 (country, number of coins)


I will be counting each correct answer as 1 point. However, the number of coins that you guess will only be valid for the country that you guess for. For example if you guess that I had 10 coins of Brazil instead of 10 US, I will not counting either of them.


Also as two bonus questions for two points each, you can guess the oldest coin that I am giving away as well as the largest coin in this giveaway. (guess in millimeters, not in inches please or I'm not counting)


Use this format (feel free to cut and paste and edit)


1. (country), (no. of coins)

2. (country), (no. of coins)

3. (country), (no. of coins)

4. (country), (no. of coins)

5. (country), (no. of coins)



6. Oldest year:

7. Largest coin in millimeters:


Maximum points: 14


Good luck! :ninja:


Hint number 0: A fair amount of coins represent people from different countries in this forum.

Hint number 1: I can't possibly giveaway coins that I don't have shown in omnicoin.

Hint number 2: A simple metal analysis have shown that there are:

- 1 zinc

- 4 aluminum

- 6 brass or bronze (i.e. gold colored)

- 8 copper

- 13 nickel-cupro alloy (i.e. silver colored)

(huh? But the numbers don't add up...)

Hint number 3: I have divided up the countries so that about half are from the East and the other half from the West.

Hint number 4: The impact of Queen Elizabeth II is so great that it appears in 1/5 of the lot.

Hint number 5: Most of the countries in this lot have hosted the Olympics or have plans to.

Hint number 6: It's a rather small world - the number of coins that feature

a) Animals - 7 (including possible mythical animals)

;) Towers, buildings - 6

c) Plants - 6

Hint number 7: Appearently with the number 7, it's not too common with the coins that I have. In fact, the number of coins never have 7 or more.

Hint number 8: Denominations of the coins range from 1-50. Probably the most unusual denomination is a 3.

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Thanks for doing this! Just to make sure, we can count different denominations and designs FROM THE SAME COUNTRY as one coin? For instance, if I had a nickel, a penny, and a dime, that would be US, 3 coins and not US, 1 Dime, 1 Nickel, 1 Penny?

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Sounds like fun, so let's try these ...


1. Russia, 6

2. Japan, 5

3. Australia, 5

4. Latvia, 4

5. New Zealand, 4



6. (Oldest) 1850

7. (Largest) 40


Oh, and - when the deadline approaches, could you tell us which time zone you are in? I have a feeling that we will all edit our posts fairly often until then. :ninja:



Edited by tabbs
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Excuse me! So you feel free to cut 5 correct answers, and to leave the others (also correct) 5 :ninja:

Ok, my revised guess (please do not count in any manner my first post) is:

Portugal (3)

Finland (2)

Romania (2)

Russia (4)

Australia (4)

Oldest coin: 1961

Biggest one: 31mm

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Up to hint number 5 and there is less than 48 hours to go! I'll probably post two more hints before this finishes. Good luck!


Appearently I am an idiot and counted one day too early. There is less than 48 hours but you better put your guess before it ends!


Hints are quite difficult to make! :ninja:


Less than 10 hours!

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The thread is offically closed. I was expecting more answers but I guess people wasn't keen on free giveaway unless I mentioned it was gold or platinum? :ninja:


The answers I got are...


tabbs' answer:

1. Russia, 6 - 1

2. Japan, 5 - 1

3. Australia, 5 - 1

4. Latvia, 4 - 0

5. New Zealand, 4 - 0


6. (Oldest) 1850 - 0

7. (Largest) 40 - 0


Banivechi's answer:

Portugal (3) - 0

Finland (2) - 1

Romania (2) - 1

Russia (4) - 2

Australia (4) - 1

Oldest coin: 1961 - 0

Biggest one: 31mm - 2 (how did you guess?!)


marianne's answer:

1. Russia, 6 - 1

2. Japan, 3 - 1

3. South Korea, 2 - 1 (nice one, no one would pick that)

4. Australia, 5 - 1

5. Latvia, 3 - 0

6. Oldest: 1922 - 0

7. Biggest: 40 - 0


belg_jos's answer:

1. Russia, 7 - 1

2. Australia, 6 - 1

3. Japan, 4 - 2 (nice)

4. US, 3 - 0

5. Latvia, 2 - 0


6. Oldest year: 1882 - 0

7. Largest coin in millimeters: 35 mm - 0


crzy3by's answer:

Portugal (3) - 0

US(4) - 0

Japan (3) - 1

Russia (4) - 2 (nice guess)

Philippines (3) - 0

Oldest coin: 1885 - 0

Biggest one: 35mm - 0



tabbs: 3

Banivechi: 7 (did you actually install a spy camera in one of the coins you sent me before???)

marianne: 4

belg_jos: 4

crzy3by: 3

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This is the list of coins that I have planned:


Aus: 3

SKorea: 3

Russia: 4

Romania: 5

Finland: 6

Japan: 4

Germany: 1

UK: 2

HK: 1

Spain: 1


The biggest one happened to be the Australian penny at 31mm (pretty suprised at Banivechi getting it) and 1883 for the Meiji 1 sen copper coin.




The winners are Banivechi, marianne and belg_jos! Congradulations!!! Please pm me your address!

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