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How Far Back Can We Go??

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1511 coming from Europe -- be patient... :rockon:



Awesome... Here's a quick question while we wait :


I did a little research into the Ancient Puebloans of the southwest US when living in Arizona. Read some books, etc. Would have they had anything back then? We're talking 1000 CE timeframe. I know pottery was big, as well as shells and feathers from South America. I just don't know what other kinds of trading items they would have used for currency. But,,,, supposing we get back that far (which probably won't happen), at what point do we accept the fact that currency was not in coin form? Anyone with more info? Hope this gives everyone something to think about as we wait to see what old coins turn up next. Thanks!



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Well Josh, they certainly knew what was valuable to them -- it was most likely more of a hand-to-mouth existence, the kind that few of us could fathom. Their world had no coins, no collectibles, no newspapers as we'd call them -- likely more perils than pleasures...

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For sure. There are many accounts and findings of items believed to be used for trade and beauty. Certainly an ancient would value a beautiful tropical bird feather over a raven's. The ancient city of Acoma was a trading epicenter, and Chaco Canyon an ancient Las Vegas, or so the experts believe. I don't think pure survival can be ruled as lacking pleasure. In today's world many third world countries have been determined to hold an overall hogher happiness in life than many countries, especially the USA. What we percieve as pleasures are often times not as rewarding long term as the simplicity of,,,, well just life...

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I've been away from the forum for a while, wow, way to go folks! I do have a 1503 if we get back that far. I've just added a couple coins to my 1500s date collection, I still have a few more to process. Hopefully I will get to them soon. If you want to take a look, this link should get you there. http://www.tantaluscoins.com/coins/grid257.php




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