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How Far Back Can We Go??

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France, struck under Henri II, 1554 AD.,

Brass Token (28 mm / 4,20 g),

Obv.: + SEVOQVE ALIMENTA PARENTIS ANTA EO , Herakles defeating Antaeus by holding him off the ground. Antaeus, son of Poseidon and Gaia (the earth) could not be killed as long as he remained in contact with his mother.

Rev.: * NON. VLLVM. OBNOXIA. CVLPA. 1554 , club, bow, arrows and quivver, bound together in the shape of a saltire.

Feuardent 11579 .


thanks to "frank" and "Ian" for id and reference



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Wooooow!! I want old coins like that too!! :drool: Amazing!! I had no idea that people had coins from the first half of the 14th centuary :shock:

I though that I would be able to add my 1752 coin, but I guess that task was way too easy for you guys :hysterical:


Just curious, how can you tell that a coin from 1555 is real or a fake? (I'm mean, unless it says "replica" ofc)?

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My next available is 1550:




Kings of France, HENRI II. (1547-1559), Montélimar mint, 1550 AD.,

Billon Douzain aux croissants (12 Deniers) (24-26 mm / 2,30 g),

Obv.: + HENRICVS. 2. DEI. G. [(un globe surmonté d'une croix) FRAN]CORV. REX. , Écu de France couronné accosté de deux croissants couronnés ; à la pointe de l'écu la lettre d'atelier: un globe surmonté d'une croix.

Rev.: +SIT.NOMEN.DNI.BENEDICTVM.1550 :o , croix fleurdelisée formée de 8 croissants entrelacés, cantonnée de 2 H et de 2 couronnelles, Maître d'atelier : André de MONTAGUT (1550-avril 1551) lettre: O.

cf. Sb 4380 - Dy 997 .


Maybe a 2 years hole is acceptable if i promise to provide these years a.s.a.p.?



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The Kremnitz denars will help us a couple of years ...




Kremnitz in Hungary (then), Hapsburg rule, Ferdinand I. (1520-1564), 1549 AD.,

Denar (15 mm / 0,54 g),

Obv.: FERDINAND. D. G. R. VNG. 1549 , shield with Hungarian arms (Árpádian stripes, patriarchal cross, Dalmatian leopard heads, Bohemian lion).

Rev.: PATRONA. - [.V]NGARIE / K - B , Madonna and Jesus child seated, facing, K – B (privy mark) in fields.



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