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Got any Mexicans?


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Hello, fellow Mexico coin lovers. My name is Roman and I have 10 Mexican coins that I would like to post, with your permission. I am a collector of mainly War of Independence and Colonial time periods of Mexican history, but have some early Republican Cap'N'Rays...


Can I post :D ?


P.S. This forum has some neat smilies! ;):ninja:;););)



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Thanks, guys. Gxseries - I like your icon. That proof Soviet 150 Roubles has to be platinum or palladium, since at that time silver commems were in the 1-5 Rouble face value.


Here are some of my Mexicans. I wouldn't go into early colonial stuff (cobs, pillars, portraits), but start with my favorite area - War of Independence:


This is a double-counterstamped issue, using the same punch as KM#289, except with a 1 Reale host, instead of 2 Reales listed in Krause:




My first coin from Durango Mint was this 181(2) 8 Reales.




Which piqued my interest in the early years of this mint and led to my next acquisition - 1815 Durango 8 Reales. Specific Gravity is a little high on this coin, making me believe that another, heavier metal, was mixed with silver to create the alloy, which happened often during the War times:




This next piece is another double-counterstamped issue with Morelos and Chilpaz stamps. The host coin is a cast 1809 8 Reales.




My all-time favorite is this Gadalajara 8 Reales from 1814. It's so crude - it's beautiful :D




Out of Republican coinage - I'll just post a couple of Cap'N'Rays:


1826 Zacatecas Mint:



1843 Mexico City Mint:



1849 San Lois Potosi Mint:



Questions? Comments? Bring 'em on! :wub:





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