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UK Treasury Notes

Johnny 1989

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Hi not

sure if anybody could point me in the right direction for these. I know that these notes are rather expensive but you can pick up some fine condition notes for a reasonable price. Does anyone know a website that would give a photo guide of what you should pay for what condition at all?


Any help greatly appreciated :ninja:

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hmmmm...barry boswell didn't have pictures, pam west didn't load correctly, but colin narbeth...his site worked. :ninja:




he has just a few pics, along with various retail prices for what he has in stock. you might want to pick up the english paper money catalogue...it's closer to what you're looking for.

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pam west's site loads up correctly now. i just saw uncirculated treasury note prices for the first time.







Exactly certain ones are over £2000 ;)


A circulated fine condition one will be good enough for me I think, unless I win the Lotto ;)

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