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I know they are not coin but they are from Russia


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I am wondering woulf it worth to spend 10 dollars on those three Russian stamp currency?





10 dollar? that would be an uncut sheet of 16x40 or something pieces :ninja: These coin substitutes are so frequent that they are still so cheap.

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Do the math. :ninja:

16*40=640 for 10$ or 1000 cents

1000/640=1.5625 cents

You have 3 of them. 3*1.5625= ~ 5cents. ;) You are being ripped off. ;)


I was joking above ;) meaning that these substitutes are so common.


Usually they are sold in Moscow as quartblocks (4 stamps in a square) at about 70 roubles, 26 roubles=1$. I have not been to stamps section on ebay for months, but I am sure you will find bargains there.

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