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Here comes China....


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They dont even bother to make it look "antiqued"


It does look harshly cleaned though ... ;)


This little bit is priceless:

"It is extremely rare to have the high degree collects and keep the worth a work! The opportunity that do not miss the winning it." :ninja:


Yes, we have plenty the rare and the fine, and at the every opportunity we will do you over and over ... ;)

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No it's a counterfeit. Coins that are coming out from China - 80+% of them, or rather, "rare" European coins, chances are that 99% are fakes.


What is more ironic is that the username means "For the better future"


Yea right :ninja:


<chances are that 99% are fakes.


yeah, they got a hoard of imperial russian coins waiting us there. ;)

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