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Would you pay 1000+ dollars for these three coins?


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For just 3 ounce of silver, you can get these three coins. (eh?)


Here are the links:






I guess they must be relatively low mintage but still, that's way too pricy for modern commemorative coins!


Now I'm to curse myself as I remembered one of them was offered to me at 80USD and I thought that was way too expensive. Another price madness story goes on... :ninja:

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I do not know much about modern Russian coinage but the prices look way too high. I know that modern Russian gold goes for thousands of dollars.

Here is an interesting short story. I was selling gold 200 roubles 1993 (Bear) and ,of course, was looking for the best price hoping to get somewhere around $1000-1200 for this 1-ounce gold piece. I was REALLY shocked when one dealer from Moscow finally bought it for $4000 (!!!) last month. I still do not have ANY explanation.

Regards from ...

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