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V's Visit Journal


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Miss V is missing.


She has been gone for about 10 days now and has not made her way back through the usual channels. I checked Lost & Found at campus security and I checked my car, briefcase, etc., etc., about 100 times. I think that she was kidnapped during a photoshoot. However, one or more of those subjects has since been suspended for smoking on campus, so if that is the case, Miss V has a new home.


I will, of course, find a new Model and send her on her way. To make things as right as possible, the new Miss Model will have the old names on her when she begins her journey.


I will post the snapshots to a website in a few days or so and post the link here. I have one roll of film still in my camera with some snapshots of Miss V. So, I need to work my way through the remaining frames.



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And here the worry has been about V getting lost in the mail. Not even I considered theft!


Well, if that is the case, it is ok as we do still have a back up on hand (I think I saw it in a box a week ago).




Keep us updated, Michael, and I will plan to send the replacement in for duty if V is indeed gone for good. I will plan on shipping to the next host in about a week if I do not hear that she has been returned.

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(I think I saw it in a box a week ago).


The replacement soldier has been retireved from said box and placed in a secure location in case it is called into duty...





It should be rather safe there unless the thief comes armed with milkbones. :ninja:

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The problem rests with me. Let me take care of it.


I will get a new Model, have it engraved with the names of Whohah, Art, and the others, and then send it to Ykraina Devi. In the mean time, I am almost done with the second roll and I'll get the pictures and travelogue uploaded.


(I am impressed with your "holder." We have cats, actually, and I am not much of a dog kind of guy, but I appreciate a sense of humor and dogs tend to be better natured than cats. The biggest advantage to cats is that they are great at leaving you alone... until they want attention, of course... whereas dogs always want attention unless they want to be left alone.)

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It doesn't matter much to me either way, Michael. We can have either of the 2 options circulate or both circulate as far as I am concerned. I PM'd Anton to see what his input is.


(I also have 2 cats. I thought about using the litter box as a secure storage method but figured people wouldn't want to circulate the coin after that. :ninja: )

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I talked to Anton. I have to send off a package to Dave anyway so I am going to include the Dollar in it and the list can start back up there.


If you still want to do something with a new V, we can go ahead and start a new list of hosts for that when it is done.

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:cry::cry: So, yup Ahuh wonder what happened to V anyway. :cry::cry:





A fool and his money

Are soon elected



Will Rogers



V was stolen off of the desk of one of the project participants. He left the coin sitting on the desk and went out of the office for some period of time. Upon his return or some days later he noticed the coin was gone. A replacement coin "Libby" was moved into the project but has stalled at one of the members homes. She's having child health problems and so Libby is way way down on her priority list. Someday in the near future, I'm sure, Libby will rise and continue her journey.

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