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V's Visit Journal


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Guest Stujoe

Jay has her. He was going to keep her until this week becasue he wanted to take her to a coin club meeting, IIRC. I imagine he will be contacting Rodney next if he hasn't already...

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"V" arrived on the 31st. I will take her out on the town. I'll show her a good time and put her in a taxicab. Where should I tell the cabbie to drop her off?

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Pictures follow later when the roll is developed...


On Sunday the 5th, V's time in Ann Arbor started with a trip to the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum where she was photographed in the second floor "soap bubble" gallery. She spent most of the afternoon in my shirt pocket as I performed four demonstrations in the Science Works room: Kitchen Chemistry, Air Pressure, Bicycle Physics and Flaming Acid Salts.


I took her to school with me on Tuesday the 7th. I have four classes actually -- Intro to Criminal Justice, Constitutional Law, Criminal Investigations and College Algebra -- but I just took her to one, algebra where she learned about graphing rational functions, and was photographed atop the overhead projector and in front of the blackboard.


V went out on patrol with me Wed, Fri and Sat, but only got photographed on Fri night in the campus safety satellite office in front of a computer screen displaying Coin People. We'll see if that comes out.


She got a little bit of fresh air -- but not much sunshine -- today, sitting on my barbeque grill, looking out over my back yard. (The house behind us is the U of M athletic director.)


Tomorrow (Sunday, the 12th) V is going to the Lansing Coin Club show on the MSU campus. I'll take a few snapshots there and we'll see what comes out best.


Monday, I will arrange for laser engraving and when she's out of surgery, she'll be on her way to the next host.


Who might that be?

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