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US $100 bill with Ending S serial


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Does a trailing S mean anything special on a US $100?


I received a 1996 $100 with serial "AB 00495358 S" with my paycheck today. Cant say I remember seeing a trailing S so I thought I would ask before I deposited it.


I tried some googleing and couldn't find any info. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.



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according to this site: http://www.uspapermoney.info/serials/f1996_h.html, your note was printed in april 1999.


the printing run for that month began with serial AB83200001R and ended with

AB51200000 T.


according to the explanations, april's serial numbers started with AB83200001R up to AB99200000R, moved on to AB00000001S through AB99200000S, then finished with AB00000001T to AB51200000T.

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