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The Latvian "Coin of Digits"


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Latvia issued a very interesting collector coin a couple of weeks ago - the "Coin of Digits". This is a heptagonal piece, face value 1 lats, with a symbolic but extremely low mintage of 2007.




Obverse (http://www.bank.lv/images/img_lb/naudas/im...u_moneta_av.gif)

"The Arabic numeral 0 is in the centre of the heptagon, with the year 2007 arranged above it to the left, and the inscription 1 LATS placed to the right, against a background of an Oriental pattern of curvy lines."


Reverse (http://www.bank.lv/images/img_lb/naudas/im..._moneta_rev.gif)

"The Roman numeral I is in the centre of the heptagon, with the year MMVII split and arranged on both sides of it, against a background of an ornament of straight lines forming the shapes of Roman numerals."


Images and descriptions borrowed :ninja: from the central bank's web site. More about the coin and the meaning of the various design elements is here: http://www.bank.lv/eng/main/all/lvnaud/jub...coin_of_digits/



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