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2006 one-cent Lincoln 180 degree rotation error

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Hi all, found a Lincoln one-cent coin with a perfect 180 degree rotation error - it's a 2006 coin.


And funnily enough, I found it in Australia...!!


Unfortunately it's not in real good condition, a bit stained and all.


Anybody know anything about these? Is it worth me hanging on to or selling?


My second rotation error since I started looking three months ago - I'm quite chuffed!





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Is it rotated 180 degrees compared to an Australian coin? If so, then it is actually a normal coin. The USA is a oddity in that it still issues its coinage using "coin axis" rather than the "medal axis" used by most countries today.

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Well, I feel a bit silly :ninja: That explains the exactness of the 180 degrees and my 'incredible fortune' of finding a rotation error straight off the bat.


Thanks for the tip!


So is there a reason American coins are made to look 'right way up' when you flip them towards/away from you, as compared to turning them around like Australian coins? Seems a strange choice.

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Various countries have used the two different types. Many countries used the "coin axis" for centuries. Medal axis became standard in the early 1900s, with the U.S. being a notable holdout.


As an example, Canada switched in 1903, so coins 1902 and earlier when turned around are up-side-down.

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