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Type Set Finally Finished


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A few folks deserve some thanks for the completion:


Coinpeople's own Blackhawk and 28plain were standouts


Larry Bovo of "the silver baron" in Alameda, CA was a local dealer that provided some of the nicer circ examples.


I fear that I'm leaving someone out.


Anyways, here's to you fine folks.



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Wat to go !!! Congratulations on a fine set :ninja:

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Sorry to ressurrect the thread, but where did you get the holders for your (very nice, might I say) type set?


Don't be sorry! it bumps the thread up and receives more admirers.


the holder is a Dansco Deluxe Type Set Album, number #7070. I purchased it from Brent-Krueger. Many other fine coin supply dealers also sell this item; it's likely that your favorite carries it. I also recommend the anti-corrosion slipcase.

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