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The Smallest Note in My Collection


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This is the smallest note I have in my collection, a 1942-3 Boise Idaho Merchants issue, during the first part of the war there was a coin shortage, which resulted in various efforts at alleviation. These paper pennies were in use for about a year in Boise before they were invalid. This note measures 1" square, or 2.54cm x 2.54cm.

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The smallest Greek banknote is a kind of stamp!

It uses the same design as a stamp issued between 1911 to 1930.

The banknote has the design in both of the sides of the paper but in the back is reverse printed!

It was issued in 1st June of 1922 and it was withdrawed 1st July 1923.

It's dimension is 3.5x2.7 cm (1.3x1.1 in). It's value was 10 lepta (0,10 drachmas).



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