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New Dollar Double Die???


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hey guys and gals... I opened a mint sealed roll of the new dollars this morning and decided to look at them with a glass... I found some strange doubling on one of the coins... and then found 2 more with the same doubling... I took the best pic i could through my glass...



points of interest... inside the "p".... the bottom of the "p"....top of the "s".....top of the "i"






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yeah it's not the best picture....


it's especially noticeable at the top of the "I" I would usually write this off as some sort of mechanical doubling but I found 3 identical coins. With the new single squeeze hubbing process it's apparent that doubled dies are still being produced (1 nice one was found on the keelboat nickels) tho the process which it is happening is not really that clear to me... I might show this to chuck at coppercoins and see what he thinks as he understands the new process about as well as anyone.


I'll work on a better picture tomorrow...

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