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Convict Love Tokens - Book


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This book is in almost new condition. It is softcovered and contains very detailed photo plates and drawings of love tokens made by convicts in the English prison system before they were transported to Australia when it was still a penal colony. This is an extremely interesting piece of work.


From the cover: "Intriguing and poignant messages from the past are borne by the 'love tokens' produced by British convicts sentenced to transportation to Australia. Expelled from the known world, usually never to see their loved ones again, convicts defaced cartwheel pennies - sanding back the King's head on one side and Britannia on the other - and engraved their keepsakes with a variety of hopes, fears, messages, and predictions."


It's a great read. $16.00 includes shipping to US addresses via USPS Medial Mail. Goes to ebay on Sunday if not sold here.





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