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Fake silver 2 kopeiki?


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Why bother? :ninja:


Chances of such rare coins don't even appear on ebay unless it's some major auctionners using ebay system. But again, TM coins are SO rare - you can expect to daydream.

I will tell you why I bother:

There are lots of people who DO daydream, and they lose a lot of money by believing this kind of seller ... after all, he/she says "Ich garantiere Echtheit der Münze" (i.e., "I guarantee that the coin is genuine" ... ;) ... strange that a seller in France would write the article description in German, too...)


But maybe SOME of those people read this forum ... THAT is why I bother! ;)

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For me, this one is a joke: JOKE


The other one is a dangerous fake -- especially when the seller gives a guarantee of authenticity.

Now look at the prices realized for these two items:


joke: EUR 5,50 (buyer: :ninja: )

dangerous fake: EUR 302,50 (buyer: ;) )

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