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I like them both for the most part, too. I think the obverse of the $5 looks like someone whohas designed coins before was in charge. Not bad in contrast to our current circulating coins.The reverse isn't bad but I still think the use of the $-sign is ugly and lazy


As for the dollar coin, the obverse is a little funy looking and the native-american looks like he has glasses. The ships have odd proportions but I like the biloughiness of the sails.



Not bad coins. I made an attempt to get myself a dollar coin but they weren't for sale yet and I don't have tons of money : (

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It's funny how we went from Longacre's beautiful reverse of the half eagle last year to this glorified casino token reverse. I resolved that outside of mint and proof sets, I will not pay more than face value for any US coin where the $-sign is incorporated into the design.


On the other hand, I like the silver dollar and ordered a proof and unc version, the proof shipped last week but still hasn't arrived yet.

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