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Ohio Coin Expo show report


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Today was the second day of the Ohio Coin Expo in Richfield, OH (close to Cleveland). Since we were going to the Cleveland Auto Show we decided to stop by. Entrance fee was $5 which really wasn't "too bad".


Walking through the door I was blasted with the smell of old attics and body odor, not a nice thing considering we were at a hotel. But after a bit you got used to it. The first table I looked at was full of ACG overgraded and overpriced crap. Even had a 1922 Peace that looked like someone took a brass brush to graded NGC MS64 with a sticker "ARE YOU KIDDING?" on it. That gave me a good laugh.


Going on down the row it was table after table of Morgans and $20 gold eagles......big whoop. :ninja: Finally got to a table with a dealer who basically specialized in errors. Double struck, broadstruck, struck out of the collar, triple struck Lincoln Cent, you name it he basically had it. Also saw my first seller to dealer trade go on there. Hour and a half later, same seller was there chatting it up with the dealer.


Another five or so tables go by with nothing that interested me. Really wasn't on a mission for anything special, maybe some world silver. 99% of the silver bullion was trading at $16 per ounce, didn't surprise me. One dealer had boxes of world silver crowns for $11-$12 each......all junk. Finally found a dealer who had a lot of silver bullion ranging from ASE to bars. That's where I purchased my 1/4oz Engelhard bullion piece. Reasonably priced as well and very nice. At the same table I witnessed a $3000 bullion sale from seller to dealer, mainly Buffalo gold ($680 each).


Then I stopped by a large display of ancients. Far out of my price range but seeing a Roman coin nearly the size of a half dollar was cool. Not much to say about that.


Finally I exited the main room after being disappointed. Really wanted a cheap, low MS Peace dollar but found nothing. Most of the low grade MS coins were just nasty. I'd have a hard time calling them AU overall, they were that bad. Nearly bought an 1884-O MS62PL in an old green PCI holder. $31 wasn't bad but I was short on cash so I passed.


As soon as I left the main room my grandpa found me and pointed me to a table. The dealer had a bunch of foreign mint/proof sets at 50% off. That's where I got my Cyprus UNC and Nepal proof sets. There were a few others of interest but the coins were rather ugly in the toning or just a bad design. This was the last place I visited.


Overall the show was VERY crowded and busy. Shoulder to shoulder the entire time. Tons of gold and Morgans (big surprise?) with a few places with high grade IHC. There were a few well over $1,000 but boy were they beautiful. One dealer even had a few stacks of proof WLH's. The 20th Anniversary ASE sets were going for ~$275-$300, with graded sets going for much more. PCGS PR69 RP - $210, PR69 DCAM $150, MS69 $90. Lots of those there. One dealer probably had 20+ sets of the graded coins.


Not a bad show. I'll be back in November for that one. First time my dad or grandpa has actually out spent me at a coin show too! But I'm really happy with what I got.



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There are always a lot of Morgans, even at the smallest shows.


There could have been more Morgans at this show than at the Central States Numismatic Society show (read: BIG). One dealer had case after case of PCGS/NGC slabbed Morgans.



Forgot to mention I saw one of the MOST wildly toned ASE's ever. The entire reverse was what a hippy would see on a bad acid trip. It was even PCGS certified! Forgot the date though. :ninja: Kind of makes you wonder how something so new toned so quickly in such a wild fashion.....and that the "perfect" PCGS actually graded it.


When the CSNS and this show rolls around, I'll have some quality coins to show off. Kind of getting ready to make some "big" purchases in the summer/fall. Kind of checking the market out right now. Morgans seem to be dropping off in price (to me at least) as of late.

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Hey great coin show report. To many people go to coin shows and if they even mention it they just don't really say much. You even told about the entrance fee. Thanks for the great report. I was surprised at all the different types of coins, bullion, etc. at the show from your description. Around me a coin show is basically all US coins or all foreign coins. There are always a few exceptions though but primarily all one subject. I've seen knives, guns, currency, jewlry, stamps and lots of other things at coin shows but only small amounts and only on rare occations. Works the same at the gun shows. Always someone selling knives, coins, stamps, jewlry, etc. We have a few large foreign coin shows where it is stated only foreign coins and it is forbidden to even display US coins there. One dealer there told me he was once asked nicely to leave because he had US coins on display.

You sounded a little disappointed in the vairity of coins on display at that show. Must be what people there want if it was as crowded as you say. I've never been to coin show that was so crowded that people were shoulder to shoulder. At gun shows yes, but not coin shows. It might be worth a little drive someday to try the coin shows in Illinois. We allow people from Ohio here once in a while.

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