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100% feedback is probably related to PT Barnum public and won shill bids. I'm guessing anyone with the ambition could make a million by doing this (overgrading self made slabbed coins). I've thought of lowering my moral skirt myself on occassion (generally around the time I paying bills), but unfortunately I believe in the whole heaven/hell thing and can't get past the idea that the big guy would approve of knowingly duping all those PT's born every minute.

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How much are they normally worth then?



My opinion that one is AU and would redbook at $15. Some of the other NNC coins he has appear closer on the grade. One of the things about his listings most are graded. (NNC, NGC, PCGS, ANACS, ICG. ) So to me feed back is proper. I mean if you sell graded coins and just put what they are graded at no one could say you deceived them. (Unless you actually grade them yourself and put your own label.)

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