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CH: 100 Years Swiss Central Bank


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A hundred years ago, in June 1907, the Swiss central bank was established. Until that time, the single cantons had the right to issue paper money. On this occasion, two coins (and stamps) are issued this year.



The silver 20 fr coin, designed by Roger Pfund, shows an "abstracted" portrait of Arthur Honegger - an allusion to the current 20 fr note http://www.snb.ch/d/banknoten/aktuelle_ser.../pic-20-vor.gif that also depicts the composer. That 20 fr coin (Ag 835, Ø 33 mm) is available at face value in Switzerland. There is also a proof version which costs about 50 fr.



The gold coin, nominal value 50 fr, reflects the "lumberjack" design of the first Swiss 50 fr note (issued in 1911) created by the artist Ferdinand Hodler. That coin can be had in a proof version only (Au 900, Ø 25 mm) and costs about 350 fr.



Not actually coin related but ... a nice idea is the jubilee stamp above, designed by Jörg Zintzmeyer: a 100 ct/rp (= 1 fr) stamp which is basically a miniature version of the 100 fr note (also by Zintzmeyer). http://www.snb.ch/d/banknoten/aktuelle_ser...pic-100-vor.gif That note shows the sculptor Alberto Giacometti.



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