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Communion Token

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This is my one and only example of an old Scottish Communion Token. It was issued for the church / parish of Rathillet in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland in 1782. The only reasons I have this one are that it survives in high grade, and that the village of Rathillet (population circa 20) is about twenty miles away from me.


The token is either lead or some amalgam of base metal aka `white metal'. Ii suspect lead however. These tokens were issued by the established `Church of Scotland' to allow church members / parishioners access to Holy Communion. There are numerous communion tokens of all shapes (round, lozenge shaped, oval, hexagonal, octagonal) covering the length and breadth of Scotland. Some of them are very rare indeed. Unusually for me, i'm satisfied with just having one example and I feel no urge to build a collection of these items. Let the lord be thankit! :ninja:



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