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Silver `conders'

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here's a few coins I had almost forgotten about. They are nothing special when it comes to grade but still collectable and of historical value given that they came into existence due to coin shortages during the wars with Napoleon.


The first is usually called a `Pidding's sixpence' or a `Cornhill sixpence'. I'm unsure as to a reference for it. it doesn't appear in any of my books but my library isn't all that extensive when it comes to tokens of this type. This example is gilt silver with the gilt wearing thin in places.


Its political message `celebrates' the restoration of the French monarchy in 1814 with a bust of Louis XVIII ( looks more like Louis`The Headless' XVI to be honest). Reverse shows a blindfolded Britannia seated holding an upside down horseshoe (letting all of the luck out?). The shield has a `1' on it, and just underneath is an `N'. I have no idea as to their significances.




The next is a Somersetshire `Bristol' shilling of 1811 (Dalton 23). Obverse has the arms of Bristol within a garter. The reverse denotes the merchants who act as guarantors for the value of the coin.




The third is a Norfolk and Suffolk `Yarmouth' shilling of 1811 (Dalton 13). Obverse shielded arms. Reverse, shielded arms and payable at J Hunton's , Yarmouth.




Fourth one is a Northumberland `Newcastle' shilling of 1811 (Dalton 11). Obverse has the arms of Northumberland and Durham, payable by `Iohn Robertson'. Reverse has Britannia seated on bales, holding a cornucopia and spear.




Finally, a Flintshire Bank shilling token of 1811 (Dalton 1). Obverse has the arms of Flintshire (crossed keys). reverse shows denomination and J.O.S. & O. in script. I'm led to believe that this is quite a rare token.



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I think it is interesting that the government of his Royal Majesty KGIII was so inept that even silver and a few gold tokens were issued during that time.


I have wanted to get into the silver myself, but probably will stick to Birmingham, since it would complement my Birmingham tokens, like the 3 Pence hockey puck issue.

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