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Does anyone know the sequence of events to get a coin into a roll?


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More specifically, a bank wrapped roll. I have heard that the coins go into a giant hopper with all denominations lumped together and the machine sorts and rolls come out the as the end product. The number of coins I heard was about 70,000 all together...that sounds far out. Does the mint send bags to Fed Res Banks and they do some rolls or do they then go to private companies (String?) and they do the rolls, and how many coins are in the mix?


Just curious about the quality of coins in a Mint Wrapped roll versus a bank wrapped roll, the prices are significantly different. thanxz for all responses, I have written the mint but due to the passage of time my letter probably became part of the die cleaning process. bob

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And I always thought the coins were minted inside the paper warpping and that is why they fit so well.

Of course the Mint could send the coins to a paper factory and the paper could be formed around the coins as the paper was being made.

If I send these ideas to the Mint they may see a way of saving money doing this.

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