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Series E Stephenson £5

Johnny 1989

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Hi, apologies if this has been discussed before.


I have two of these notes in my collection (three, not including the bad conditioned one I have). I Have noticed there are slight differences to these two notes:


First off the uncirculated C.E.A. Kentfield £5 (front & Back)








Now compare this to a early circulated (although very good condition for age, especially seeing as I got hold of this just before the Stephenson £5's were withdrawn in 2003) Gim Gill £5








The Queens face looks a bit different in the Gim Gill version, certain colours are lighter too, the £5 in the corner is much lighter in the Gim Gill one but Britannia's hair / veil is darker.


The back is different also but less notable, the £5 in the top left corner on the Gim Gill note is lighter in colour and also the outline isn't as thick.


Anyone know why this is so & also when they changed to the later style, I don't remember the Gim Gill style ones that well.


Also just incase anyone points it out, I know the pattern in the circle isn't in the centre on the C.E.A. Kentfield version but this was common (for some reason) on the Stephenson £5's


Any info greatly appreciated.

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