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LDM Error Sale

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hey gang... I need to get rid of some errors... so here is a list of what i want to get rid of and a price... if you are interested please send me an PM for pics... but please try to keep it at 2 or 3 coins at a time as i will prob have to shoot pics of them all. Please figure $5 per order (1 coin or all) for shipping and insurance inside the us and for international rates please contact me.


here we go




No Date Draped bust large cent flip over double strike ANACS G4 $1,500

No Date Draped bust large cent double strike second strike %85 off center ANACS NET VG8 Corroded $800

1800/79 Draped bust large cent double struck in collar ANACS VG8 $900

1814 Classic head large cent obverse double struck ANACS F12 $1,350

1827 Classic head large cent brockage reverse ANACS G4 $1,400

1835 Classic head large cent double struck second strike rotated 90 degrees with partial brockage ANACS G4 $1,700


1836 Large cent small cud at k12:30 F $50

1837 Large cent %10 straight clip G+ $60

1846 Large cent small rim clip F $30

1896 IHC double struck rim damaged ANACS VF Details net F12 $850

1901 IHC 5-10 % Clip AU $65

1936 Wheat cent uncentered broadstrike AU (Spot on obverse) $65

1940 Wheat cent uncentered broadstrike RB Unc $70

1942 Wheat cent uncentered broadstrike VF $50

1943 S Wheat cent uncentered broadstrike (spotty reverse) AU $120

196X Lincoln cent off center on a double clipped planchet (reverse scratch) COOL COIN!! UNC $90

No Date Memorial reverse cent split planchet error $40

1968 D memorial reverse cent struck on 10c planchet NGC MS63 $250

1971 D memorial reverse cent double struck second strike 85% off center $45

1972 D memorial reverse cent double struck with 1 and 3/4 dates $55

1984 D memorial reverse cent Flip over double strike both strikes off center $225

1998 Type II reverse (close AM) UNC $40




1935 Nickel Double clipped planchet XF $65

1938 D Buffalo Nickel GEM Small clipped planchet $70

1938 D/S Buffalo Nickel VF/XF $14

1938 D/S Buffalo Nickel NGC MS66 $150

1980 P Nickel on cent planchet ANACS MS64RB $325



1943 mercury dime clipped planchet UNC $50

1962 dime clipped planchet $20



ND Wash quarter large cud over date $40

1964 D Wash quarter double clipped planchet UNC $45

1964 D Wash quarter clipped planchet XF+ $30

1970 D Wash quarter struck on dime stock UNC $40

1973 Wash quarter missing obverse clad layer AU $45

1978 Wash quarter struck on a nickel planchet UNC $300

1996 D Wash quarter struck on nickel planchet ANACS MS 62 $325

2000 S.C. quarter clipped planchet UNC $45

2000 S.C. quarter broadstruck UNC $50




1967 Half Dollar clipped planchet UNC $50



1921 S Morgan Silver Dollar Broadstruck NGC AU58 $1,450

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