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Spain: 50 Years EC/EU, 5 Years Euro Cash


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The Spanish mint will soon issue several collector coins dedicated to European themes. Some of them (€2, €12) can be had at face value, others (€10, €50, €400) will be issued in proof quality only and thus be more expensive. Pictures taken by H. Agt at the WMF earlier this month.


Treaty of Rome - 50 Years

In addition to the bimetallic €2 commemorative coin (that all euro countries in the EU issue) there will be this €12 collector coin:



Five Years of Euro Cash

Three different €10 coins, playing with the bridges/windows/arches themes of the euro notes:




Common side of the three €10 coins (see below):


The €50 coin, with Europa on the bull (Zeus) and, on the other side, the Hispania from the first peseta coins:


The €100 coin, with a globe surrounded by the Twelve Stars of Europe, and the last peseta coin:




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That's probably one of the most pathetic denominations I've seen on a "circulation" coin, even if it's of the NCLT variety.

The very first Spanish €12 piece was issued five years ago, right after the cash changeover. (Guess the reason for picking that odd face value was that this is almost exactly 2000 pesetas - and before 2002, that was a fairly common denomination for silver commems.) Oh well, outside the issuing country those euro collector coins are not legal tender anyway.


By the way, Portugal has €8 coins which AFAIK can also be had at face value. About as strange, but again, not made for circulation ...



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