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Here's the list I need help with


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The following is being done with permission of administration. These coins have already been recovered (about 40%) or I have pics I've posted on the web in the past/have receipts for. It's a shame you have to PROVE your losses. Please don't PM me, as the prosecuter won't accept them. Instead, email me @ fioti3@msn.com I know it's tough to give an accurate value without seeing the coin, but they'll know by the pics and pieces they already have. I apologize for the length, these are only a small bit of the hundreds that were lost. When an UNC is indicated, some were MS65, but please go with a 60 value, and the "f" are fine, not fair, I don't want to confuse them any further

Lg. Cents (all are brown)

1802 Lg Stems xf

1805 f

1809 g

1813 f

1821 vf

1823/2 f

1833 xf

1838 xf

1842 lg. date f

1847 unc

1857 lg. date vf

1857 sm. date xf

3 cent silver

1864 vg

1865 f

1866 f

1867 vg

Buff. 5's

1913s type 2 xf

1917d au

1918s vf

1921s f

1937d 3leg g


Complete set of Mercs in Whitman folder, heavily toned. Keys are g, the others vg-xf. I know that's tough, just a ballpark, please.

1916d vg


20 cents

1875cc xf

1876 f


seated 25

1859s f

1864s g


seated 50

1847 xf

1850 g

1866s no motto f

1874 w/arrows, 4 of them f

1885 g


seated dollars

1845 g6

1853 g6


walker 50

1916 unc

1916s ef

1918 unc

1921d g

1938d au


1$ gold

1853o au

2 1/2$ gold

1913 vf

5$ gold

1913 vf


Set of 1986- date ASE's MS 68-69



I could go on & on with just the U.S. stuff. I just started to type in something else, and Tony took off, most his own-built albums are gone, he doesn't want to deal with it anymore...We thank anyone who'll give us a hand. People, either buy some sort of coin inventory software, include pics, always keep any receipt, take the good stuff to the bank, get a BIG safe, or insure if you can afford it. The ANA can provide you with this info. That's a tough part, there's been ALOT of trades here and elsewhere. Don't laugh at this, but 113 Chuckie Cheese tokens were gone, all different, some with values to $40.

We got alot of our toughest ones from a couple differnt folks here. Sorry, I'm babblin'.

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fioti3@msn.com is the email address in 16d's profile.


I edited the original post with the correct address.

Thank-you, Anton. There is no "s" in the address.

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...not really sure what this post is for? what are you asking for here...

A fair market value for the above coins, regarding a burglary. thanks

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