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1933 Hitler NSDAP commemorative-SOLD please move

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I have for sale, a 1933 dated hitler medallion, commemorative coin of the NSDAP taking power in 1933. (Eagle breaking his chains) Roughly translated, In the future Adolf Hitler, 1933 a turning point year for the fate of Germans. Medallion appears to be bronze composite,roughly the size of a Canadian silver dollar, stamped "Bayer. Munzhauptamt" on the side, xf-au condition, a real beauty! I have been having problems trying to post pics on the site, I can email scans of the piece. I saw a similar one, but silver in colour and not as nice on a site for $95 U.S., can't even find 1 on ebay, A very scarce piece. I'm asking $75 U.S. delivered in U.S. and Canada, I will ship by expresspost, which could cost me up to $17, so this is a deal for someone.PM me for pics if interested. Thanks (P.S. I also have a Russian Order of the Banner original medal which I am posting under the "other" thread). :ninja:

Here is a link to a similar coin being offered, except mine is bronze in colour and near-mint, no rim damage...


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