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Celtic bronze of Carnutes


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My latest addition to the collection of bronze PIXTILOS coins of Carnutes (ca. 40 - 30 BC) is La Tour 7105, Classs IX in Scheers study of the PIXTILOS bronzes. I've now located and acquired 7 of the 10 types, although one of the seven is only a filler.




La Tour 7105

3.26 gm


Obv: Helmented bust left with neck torc, PIXTILOS.

Rev: Lion left, the tail rolled up above the back with circle and dot on both sides, geometric element below, [PIXTILOS]. Scheers identifies the geometric element as a bird, others argue it is a dagger or other geometric design. I agree with Scheers.

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Another nice piece Bill. Is that a lion gracing the reverse?


A right proud lion. I have friends who would it a long-tailed critter just to be safe, but I'm comfortable with lion.

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