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Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread

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Wow, nice finds Dockwalliper and Scott. Unfortunatly, there are none that I know of near me, but where I used to live there was one. But nothing was ever in it. Nice finds.


Phoenix :ninja:


Go to the CoinStar website. Punch in your zip and find the closest machines.


Recent finds........Canadian 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 1 nickel. One US nickel and 7 crusty memorial cents.

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Wow, has someone working for Coinstar wised up and shut the reject bin up so we can't get to them or something?

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Not exactly my find, but my 12 yr old daughter's, one 1980 Canadian Cent, one Detroit People Mover Token(valued at $1, and a long way from home) and two 1999 Chuckie Cheese tokens. That little girl will not let anyone else near the Coin Star , she is like a mad shopper rushing the store when she sees those green machines.

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Dropped by to exchange some coins and found coins already in the bin. 2 Chuckie Cheese tokens, one 2004 Canadian 25 cent poppy, and one 1964 d silver quarter, and one 1964 dime. (Along with about a dollars worth of assorted normal change. :ninja: )


Those Chuckie Cheese tokens must really make in a bunch of machines. (2003 and 2004) ;)

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Every time I go to the grocery store, I send my kids to the Coinstar machine. They usually find more coins under the machine than in it! Today they hit the jackpot, which is probably why they didn't take the coins out until I came up and said it was okay. Aside from the 3 pennies that my son "cashed in" through the machine they found:


4 Quarters

9 Dimes

1 Nickel

34 Pennies


1 British two pence

1 British one pence


1 Mexican 10c


3 Lincoln cents


Nothing overly exciting there except the sheer amount of them. Brought them home counted them up and split them up between the two of them. My son is ready to go back again. :ninja:

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