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Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread

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10 cents - 2009


Cayman Islands

5 cents - 1992



200 Pesos - 1995, 2008


European Union

2 cents - France, Germany


Great Britain

1 penny - 1976, 2001


Jamaica - National Heros

1 Dollar - 2006, The Right Excelent Sir Alexander Bustamaste (2)


Mexico (Nuevo Peso)

1 Peso - 2008

5 Peso - 2011

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Do a search for CoinStars in your area, and have a regular route for searching


Been there. Done that. Found nothing. You have exceptionally good luck and a rich group of CoinStars to draw from.

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Or have a friend in a bank that will save the finds for you. One of my banks had a coin machine that they used to count change from a local bus company and I got their goodies on a weekly basis. Until then the bus company went to another bank :(

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One Canada 10c, and a US quarter and a US dime.


Very nice and well worth the effort of checking.

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Found a 1933-D US 1 cent "wheat penny" Seems to actually be a low mintage ~$2 coin via some sources but it has some crud on it.

Still nice. This was a supermarket coinstar yesterday in the greater Houston metro area.

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Searched $100 in nickels, $25 in cents and they were not too exciting. So I took them to my credit union and found these in the reject slot:


Zowwweee - the usual stuff that when I find it I am thankful for something but wished for more.

Oh that is right, there were a couple of other pieces in with the detritus above:


Sweetest find since last summer, same machine at the same credit union I found a '32 Washer and a '45-S Roosie. These are my first and second oldest coin machine finds ever. Kind of makes me wonder what the machine accepted. Fortunately my teller is going to go sniffing around in the bags when they are full.

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Went to a credit union today, they called yesterday with a huge deposit. They weren't ready when I got there so popped on over to the grocery store to check out produce. Oh, and the Coinstar. A 1945-D Merc was waiting forlorn and unloved in the reject slot.


At the bank, got $800 in dimes - found four silver, including a 1939 Merc, a 1946, 1954-D, and a 1964. Did $150 in nickels and the best find was a '38-D, no silver though. Searched $75 in cents and found - another IHC - a 1903, probably in G-4 condition but nice all the while the fifth example of an IHC I have found since November. Cashing out the castoffs at my other credit union they only had a half dollar for me, teller said it wasn't silver and I probably wouldn't want it. Asked to see it anyway, sure enough a 1967 40%. Had to have it, of course.

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