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Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread

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I don't use Coinstar, only try to liberate coins from it. My bank has a coin sorter for free use of customers, it takes halves, Agony dollars etc. It spits most Canadian cents, and all other odd stuff.


In fact in about 15 minutes I am leaving to go dump the 1.500 or so cents that are post 1982 in it and get 2.500 more.

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Of course there are a lot of dates beyond that where silver proof sets were issued. It's unlikely that many of these coins will find their way into circulation -- but it could happen.

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Stopped to pick up bread and got a 1987 Loonie & a 1964 Canadian cent.

"Won" $2 on a $2 scratch off.




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I don't have a coinstar in a 10,000 KM radius :ninja:




Now there's a business opportunity.

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But they do have Coinstars in Canada and in the UK!




Coinstar is how the Canadian government is removing all the old nickel coinage from circulation to be sold as scrap!


Alright BigCanadianM, looks like we have some regular rounds to do.


Let's discuss where we draw the territorial lines! :ninja:

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