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1956 D %90 Off Center Wheat Cent

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It looks to good to be true. Isn't it a tiny bit manipulated, or is that impossible? By that I mean that maybe someone tried his very best to end up with the ultimate dated offcenter coin, just be placing it by hand, untill it was just right?


Doesn't really matter, because we are now 50 years later, and now we have this special coin to talk about.


Everybody wins :ninja:





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it could have been hand done... but that would require shutting down the press... and inserting the blank into the chamber in the right position.... which would prob. take a few tries to get it right and then striking the coin only to pocket it and take it out. I doubt that is the case as the stopped press would get someones attention. With errors it's anyones guess.... there are recognized cases of mint employees intentionally making proof errors (double strikes.... multi strikes) and dropping them into the oil pan of one of the many fork lifts at the mint only to have a friend who happens to service the fork lifts off site remove them and sell them on the coin market. In the US mint they now put screens in the openings of the oil pan of the fork lift for that reason...a little trivia...

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