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Mint Marks of various Countries


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There might be a website with this info readily available, but it took me ages just to find a list of the Euro mints in Germany! I'd like to be able to <<properly>> identify my world coins, even if I just dabble, but I haven't the slightest where to look for mint marks, which mint marks, and which towns house that particular mint. This is probably a ginormic list, so anyone who collects/knows about a certain country's mint/mint marks is encouraged to post and divulge their knowledge to this poor little ignorant Missourian.


Thanks a mint! :ninja:

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Don't know whether a comprehensive list of mint marks can be found online. However, world coin catalogs like the Krause/Mishler (SCWC, English) or the Schön (German) will usually list them. Maybe you can find a copy of the SCWC in a public library near you?

(Edit) In the old forum we had a brief discussion about mintmarks and mintmaster signs on euro coins:

http://www.thestujoecollection.net/viewtopic.php?t=13349 But that won't really help you with other pieces ...


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