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SEarching for 2007 Coinset Canada

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If you want I can purchase them and send them to you, but they're probably going to cost $20 a set.


It may be possible to assemble a set from UNC circulation coins, but it may be possible that the 50c will not be issued.

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thank you so much. :ninja:

Yes, the uncirculated set without 50ct is here, it's in my collection.

20$ for each, thats 12,50€ thats cheaper than in germany, how much for shipping must I pay?


Thanks a lot



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"O Canada" 2007 coin set


As there are many different sets, I have included a picture from the catalogue for the set I refer to. If you are interested in a different set, it would assist if you could provide a picture.


The cost for one set would be

C$19.95+2.60 (tax) + 3.70 post* + 0.40 envelope = C26.65 = EUR 17.40


*I am assuming total weight with envelope is less than 100g.


Send me a PM with the details.

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