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What is your collecting area?

Guest Stujoe

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Guest Stujoe

Mine is mostly 1900 to present US business strike, non-gold coins by date and mint mark. I also have a US type set and a world coin Birth year set.


Oh, and I have a LOT of 'stuff'. :ninja:

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Enjoy mostly the 'classics' of U.S. coinage; Indians, Buffalos, Mercs, Walkers, etc.


But enjoy whatever captures my imagination at the moment, and that might include foreign, especially Canada, perhaps elongated cents, civil war tokens, medals, new sparkling silver proof coins, etc.


I love it all!! :ninja:

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Russian coins. ;)


Me too, mainly imperial, commie coins don't appeal to me anymore. ;)

I am also interested in coins from Austria-Hungary and some of the kingdoms of Balkan (Serbia, Romania, Montenegro and Bulgaria).





I have expensive interests :ninja:

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Anything that is or was legal tender from all countries I have visited and two more countries I hope to visit in the (near) future. Coins that is, I'm not really after notes, but if a nice one crosses my path and I like it, I might keep it. And I want one of each type / denomination / variety, I'm not lookign at dates.


And as much as possible different coins from my year of birth.

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I've pared my stuff down for now ... Current things I'm working on include:


Victorian type set,

George IV type set,

Canadian type set,

Australian type set,

British shillings and florins by type.

A handful of selected coins of The Vatican.


Stuff I still have (for now) but am not actively collecting anymore includes:


US Type set (Dansco album version)

US Large cents,

US Half cents,

and a wild OFEC collecting attempt :ninja:



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Right now ancient Sicilian coins, and also ancients from the Black Sea. As a side I collect 17th century English tokens.




This is my latest acquisition, a token from Andover, Hampshire. This piece was issued in 1666, and is rather unusual for a municipal token, they tended to be a bit larger, this is a rather smallish piece more like those issued by private individuals.


This piece has an image of the arms of Andover, the lion and the tree, and the legend "Help O' Andever" notice the spelling of Andover. On the reverse is the image of a crippled man, something not quite as acceptable to be portrayed on a token in the 21st century, but not out of the ordinary in the 17th century, and the legend "For Y' Poores Benefit"

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First coin set issued after introduction of the Euro/last national coin set of all Euro nations - finished that already :ninja: Euro gold & silver commemorative coins from Germany/Austria; once in a while coins from the Baltic States.


What I'm really interested in are coins from my hometown Osnabrueck - 11th century to 19th century.

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My main collecting interest is Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents. I've just started on US Large Cents and Half Cents so my main collection is now a three way thing.


In addition I have a set I'm building of world - one coin & one note from each country. Fun to put together.


Also some 6d & 3d from the UK.

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US Coins... really whatever I can get my hands on. I love half dollars though. And Wheaties.







Ninja bobbycoin and I like the same stuff! I also like squishies and other oddities.


I've got to say it again, can't stop, GOOD TO BE BACK! ;)

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I should know this...let me think.... :ninja:


US Coins:

Half dollar type set - going strong!

Circulated Franklins - finished (always room for upgrades)

Memorial Cent P-mint off centers (only need about 9 more if you don't get too picky about whether there was a mm or not)

Dollar type set (going slow)

Lincoln Cents (going slow)

Kennedy halves (going well)

Roosies circulated (almost finished)

Statehood quarters (hate em but gotta have em)


and also:

Country set (as I please)

Ancients (as I please)


and I'm thinking about a lot of others! ;)

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World coins from:






North America coins:

Canada - Love Canadian coins and notes.

United States

Peace Dollars

Busted Halves

Large Cents

Franklin Halves

Large Federal Reserve Notes


I have an excellent 1760 8 Realas thanks to the help of a fellow member here.

Several pre-revolution bank notes


Bank notes from all over, especially with birds depicted on them.

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