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Handstruck Tokens

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Let me introduce you to the handywork of a certain Kyle Mutcher, the owner of `Four Corners Coin and Currency' Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


I know Kyle via our joint participation in the usenet newsgroup `rec.collecting.coins'.


Rec.collecting coins is the very first newsgroup to have issued its own token `coinage'. This commenced in 2002 with a crown sized `Ember' token, and was followed by a few more in the same vein. However these `ember' tokens are not the subject of this posting, but rather they are mentioned as a historical backdrop.


In 2004, Kyle came up with the idea of producing a hand struck silver token for the newsgroup. First he found old silver, melted it and moulded it into a ball which was then hammered flat into a disk. it was then placed between two hand engraved dies and struck with a twelve pound sledge hammer.


Here is an example of the 2004 `Spark' token:




Kyle has since produced different designs as `trade tokens' for his customers redeemable at his shop. I have a few of these that are certainly worthy of mention, but I will stick with his rec.collecting.coins tokens for now.


In 2006 he produced another silver `Spark token' and a bimetallic (copper outer / brass inner) `Stick' token in response to requests from fellow members of the group.


The `Spark' has (obverse) the RCC dragon perched on the earth, with wings outstretched , and (reverse) a small village reverse representing the sense of `community' held by many of the collectors in the group.




However, I think Kyle has really excelled himself with his `I Stick' bimetallic. Bear in mind that he (and his father Otto) have done everything from making the blanks, engraving the dies, and striking the `coins'.


The `Stick' shows the RCC dragon clutching the Earth with his claws (obverse). Reverse, Moneta (Goddess of Money) is holding a balance in her right hand, a stick in her left, while at her feet is a dead horse. This depicts the balance of reason and persistence of opinion in the newsgroup (typically expressed as `flogging a dead horse'). This token is very three dimensional, and a work of true art (IMVHO). Much kudos to Kyle! My scans of these little gems certainly do not do them adequate justice.



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I wanted to get those, but never heard from Kyle regarding them :ninja:;)


I truly recommend that you keep trying Dave. I'm rarely enthused about anything as much as I am concerning that bimetallic. Persistence is not futile. ;)

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