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Ok here come one more stupid question for the day. There seems to be numereous coind grading companies out there. I have run accross NGC, PCGS and today ANC. Do any of them have a higher respect when buying and selling a coin? Are there any others to watch out for?


PCGS/NGC are the top two. Normally PCGS brings higher prices. They are often said to be #1 but it really depends on the series.


ANACS/ICG would be the next two. Both good grading services that are very often overlooked. Nothing really wrong with them.


Anything else......run away from unless you are pretty good at grading or finding problem coins. They are numerous in these holders. Yes deals can be had but they are few.


In the end, buy the coin not the plastic and you should do well.

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PCGS and NGC won't slab a problem coin. ANACS will, but lists the defect. The many other TPG's sometimes are used to hide a defect/problem. For example, I bought this coin graded by NTC, It's beautiful (MS66) but if you look closely, you'll see the rim ding at 5 o'clock on the obverse. That wouldn't (in most cases) happen with PCGS or NGC.



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True grading services are poping up almost as fast as books on coins. I do not keep any slabbed coins. If I buy one I take it out of the slab and put the coin in an album where it belongs. I always tell dealers if your price is so high because you had it slabbed, guess what, I won't pay that much. Have a nice day. I've bought slabbed coins from at least 4 different TPG services and all I can say is PCGS is the easiest to open and NGC is the hardest one to open.

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