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World Money Fair 2007


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In early February, the word's largest (?) coin show will open in Berlin again - the "World Money Fair". About 250 exhibitors from 60 countries will be there, with 55 participating mints from all continents.


This year's guest of honor is Kazakhstan; the Kazakhstan Mint will for example present a bimetallic silver-tantalium coin. There will be two Künker auctions (on 1 Feb), and a "classical" coin show. Also, at the International Media Forum about two dozen mints present their new programs and innovations (in English) on Friday. A few coins will be issued on the first day of the WMF, such as the German €2 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern coin and the "Palais Grand-Ducal" €2 piece from Luxembourg.


World Money Fair 2007


Estrel Convention Center, Berlin


Opening Hours

Fri. 2 Feb. 10-18 h

Sat. 3 Feb. 10-18 h

Sun. 4 Feb. 10-16 h



One-day ticket: €7

Three-day pass: €10



The 2007 World Money Fair catalog (about 140 pages) can be downloaded here:


(PDF, German/English, about 14 MB)



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Seems that about 11,000 visitors were there. About 1,500 bought the WMF Coin Passport which cost €10 and could then, at the booths of 29 participating mints, be filled with coins. Next year's World Money Fair will be on 1-3 February 2008, again at the Estrel Convention Center.



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