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starting a new collection of license plates


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Hi all coinpeople members: ;)


Want to collect new things, so i started with a friend a collection of license plates of worlwide of cars,vans, motorcycles,etc...) Were specially interested in license plates from all years of all the different states of Usa and provinces of Canada, etc ;) of old cars or that you have change them little time ago.right now have about 7 only , so we need your help!!! :ninja: I can offer for them coins, banknotes or other things that you collect if possible.


Thanks, and wait your replies,




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I have an Indiana "Heritage Trust" speciality plate which costs us extra in an effort to purchase new public lands such as parks. I am very interested in silver euro commemoratives from any of the Euro nations so I am sure we can work out something on this unusual "Hoosier" license plate. Let me know!

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I have a Texas it you need one...there are several types, the one I have has a little desert scene with a horse and rider...let me know it you want it.



I sent him one of the Texas truck ones, with the little map of Texas in the centre. He should also have California plates.

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I frequent antique stores and they have them for sale from time to time... what are you willing to pay for some older us ones?

Hi Spain

I have a plate from Quebec almost new # 891 DZF and one new photos below.If you want to trade paper money for them it's ok with me.I'm thinking of starting a world paper money,find those very exciting to collect.


If you are interested PM me Andre





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