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Do not try and pay with a €300 note


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A 50-year-old woman from Düsseldorf has to pay a €500 fine because she tried to pay with a "300 euro" note. An obvious "in dubio pro reo" decision ...


In 2004 the woman found a note in the street, right in front of the Düsseldorf bakery where she worked. She noticed it looked like a euro bill and had a big "300". So the woman decided to keep it - and a little later she wanted to buy a water cooker in a nearby store. When she paid with that 300 note, the cashier was surprised; there is no such denomination.


Actually the note said EROS instead of EURO, and looked like something which in the US would probably be considered adult content. :ninja: The police was called (attempt of fraud), and later the case went to the Amtsgericht (local court) where she was sentenced to pay a fine because she had attempted to bring counterfeit money into circulation.


Her lawyer, however, argued that this was attempted embezzlement maybe (after all, the woman thought that what she had found was real money, which she should have brought to the lost/found office, a police station, etc. - instead, she kept it) but not about counterfeit money and that there was no fraudulent intention. So the case went to the next instance.


Yesterday the Landgericht (regional court) dealt with the story. The judge said it was quite unlikely that somebody who had never seen such a high value note before would not really look at it. However, the woman had no criminal record, and even a witness from that department store said that they had the impression this woman did not know that €300 notes don't exist.


End of story: The court and the woman agreed on her paying €500 in two monthly rates, and the case being dropped then. Which means, the woman still does not have a criminal record. And in the future she might be able to tell obvious pseudo-notes apart from real ones ...



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Some links to the story in German:





The company that made these pseudo-notes http://www.300euroschein.de (there are also "600" and "1000" designs) does not sell them in DE any more.



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