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Constantine the Great


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Thank you all for the kind replies.


I am always updating my site and have recently added new material and some new pages like



Page on Metallurgy



Ancient sources for Constantine



and a page that has nothing to do with Constantine or ancient coins, but it does have a pic of a Confedrate $50 bill



A Confederate in Company E

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Constantine the Great was “matched by none in grace and beauty of form, or in tallness, and so surpassing his contemporaries in personal strength that he struck terror into them.” - Eusebius.


Brought Christianity into acceptance, - my opinions on this fellow may have differed from the above :ninja:

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On 7/19/2009 at 2:34 PM, Arminius said:

So you keep your fine Constantine site going?




A bit of a late reply (just shy of a decade), but yes I am keeping the site going. I am always adding material like the assorted rulers pages- 


and a page about a new reverse for Constantine


plus some pages get udated, my unofficial coins page had a pretty large overhaul recently



a few years ago I also made a new homepage


'Constantine the Great-- History and Coins' - www_constantinethegreatcoins_com.png

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