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The Royal Canadian Mint launches 3-year coin program to commemorate the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games


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RCM unveils the most extensive circulation coin program in support of

the Olympic and Paralympic Games ever conceived by a Mint

from any country



OTTAWA, Jan. 26 /CNW Telbec/ - With pride and excitement, the Royal

Canadian Mint (RCM) today unveiled its three year program of circulation and

collector coins in honour of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter

Games. The Canadian coin program is the most extensive circulation program in

relation to the Olympic and Paralympic Games ever conceived by any mint

worldwide. As an Official Supporter of the 2010 Winter Games the RCM will also

produce the athlete medals for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Over the next three years, the Royal Canadian Mint will put into

circulation 17 coins featuring designs related to the 2010 Winter Games.

Canadians from coast to coast can share in the pride and touch the Games by

collecting and saving these special Canadian coins. Up to 350 million coins

will go into circulation over the next three years.

Twelve 25-cent coins will depict ten Olympic winter sports and two

Paralympic winter sports. The RCM is proud to be the first Mint to commemorate

the Paralympic Games through the issuing of two circulation coins.

Three additional 25-cent coins will feature designs of Canadian athlete

medallists with the participation of Canadians, a unique feature of the Mint's

program. Starting in 2008, every Canadian will have the opportunity to vote

for their favourite Canadian medallists. Each coin will have a bronze, silver

or gold finish. The RCM is the first mint to seek broad public participation

in the design for Olympic and Paralympic Games' coins.

Two one-dollar Lucky Loonie coins will also be struck. The first will be

released prior to the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams heading to the

Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the second prior to the

2010 Winter Games. RBC will be the exclusive distributor of the Lucky Loonie


"The Mint's goal is to touch every Canadian with the spirit of the

2010 Winter Games," said the Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of

Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, and Minister responsible for the

Royal Canadian Mint. "The coins unveiled today will be permanent reminders of

the enduring Olympic ideal and of Canada's contribution to that vision in


The RCM is joining forces with RBC and Petro-Canada to provide quick and

easy access to the coins as they are released. 1,200 RBC participating

locations and participating Petro-Canada outlets will distribute and promote

the circulation coins over the next three years. Canadians can also look for

these special coins in their change. Coins will be released into circulation

at selected intervals. In 2007, the RCM will release five 25-cent circulation

coins: Curling (February ), Ice Hockey (April), Paralympic Winter Games -

Wheelchair Curling (July), Biathlon (September) and Alpine Skiing (October).

The first coin will begin circulating on February 23, 2007.

Additionally, for enthusiasts and serious collectors in Canada and

abroad, the RCM will introduce a series of 36 unique and superbly crafted

collector coins ranging from multi-coloured sterling silver Lucky Loonies to

premium gold coins. Starting on February 23, 2007, Canadians can purchase

coins through the RCM's website at www.mint.ca by calling 1-800-267-1871 or

through authorized dealers.

The program includes a series of 15 $25 Sterling silver coins featuring

winter sports and thematic designs. Each will have a limited world-wide

mintage of 45,000.

A series of nine $75 14 Karat gold coins highlighting distinctly Canadian

culture and wildlife and Olympic Games themes are also included in the

collection. Each will have a limited world-wide mintage of 8,000.

Two $2500 Kilo Gold Coins will be available. Marking the first time the

RCM has issued a pure gold coin with a guaranteed weight of one kilogram,

these coins are spectacularly engraved in ultra high relief. Only 20 of each

will be produced. Also an RCM first, two $250 Kilo Silver coins will be

offered with a limited worldwide mintage of 2,500 per coin.

Also offered will be three $300 Premium Gold coins (one released in each

of 2007, 2008 and 2009) with a limited mintage of 2,500 per coin as well as

three special edition uncirculated coin sets, each with a mintage of 30,000

containing all denominations, including the 2010 Winter Games-related 25-cent

coins of that year. And, two Sterling silver Lucky Loonie painted coins will

be issued in 2008 and 2010, with mintages of 30,000 and 40,000 respectively.

For gift givers, the RCM will offer a unique collector card containing

all 14 circulation coins. And, a total of 12 Olympic Coin Sport Cards will be

launched over the next three years with the 2007 circulation coins bearing a

painted maple leaf. The sports cards will sell for $7.95 and will be released

at the same time as the circulation coins they feature. Consumers will be able

to purchase these cards at participating Petro Canada outlets. Three

additional Sport Coin Cards are planned to coincide with the selection and

launch of the 25-cent Canadian Medallist coins. To build on the tradition, the

RCM will be launching a Lucky Loonie embedded in a hockey puck to be launched

in 2009.

Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the RCM noted the importance of

supporting and complementing the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. "The RCM shares

VANOC's mission: 'To touch the soul of the nation and inspire the world by

creating and delivering an extraordinary Olympic and Paralympic experience

with lasting legacies.' Collecting, saving and giving individual coins and

gifts is a wonderful way for Canadians to connect with the Games and to hold

onto a lasting reminder of what is sure to be a very special time in our

history," Bennett said.

"These Olympic and Paralympic coins are a fun way to get all Canadians

excited about the Games. As we get closer to 2010, Canadians can take pride in

our athletes and winter sports just by purchasing these collector coins," said

James Moore, Member of Parliament for Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam and

Parliamentary Secretary for the Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver-Whistler

Olympics. "Thanks to the Royal Canadian Mint, every Canadian will have a

chance to collect a part of the Games."




In June, 2006, the Royal Canadian Mint became an Official Supporter of

the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games with the signing of an

agreement with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and

Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC).

The seven-year agreement provides the RCM with rights for the 2010

Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in the Minting of Circulation, Precious

Metal and Base Metal Numismatic and Bullion Coins product and service

category, and includes rights for the Canadian Olympic Team for the Beijing

2008, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Games. RCM's commitment is valued at

$15 million, which includes $2 million towards goods and services and is

expected to generate $100 M in revenues as well as provide all Canadians

access to the Winter Olympic Games through this extensive program.


Images and product details of the RCM's newest collection are available

by visiting ftp://communications:RCM2007@ftp.mint.ca.





Royal Canadian Mint's tradition of involvement with the Olympic Games


While the circulation coin program undertaken by the Royal Canadian Mint

to commemorate the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is the

most extensive such program offered by any Mint, it's certainly not the first

time the RCM has been involved with the Olympic Games.

Since the first Olympic Games hosted by a Canadian city - Montreal in

1976 - the Royal Canadian Mint has been proud to issue circulation and

collectible coins reflecting the ideals and the excitement of the world's

premiere sport event.

For the XXI Olympiad in Montreal, the Mint released a series of

twenty- eight $5 and $10 silver coins. Two $100 gold coins, one of 14kt and

one of 22kt were also produced depicting different sports, venues and Olympic

themes. Mintages were 650,000 and 350,000, respectively.

The Calgary 1988 Winter Olympic Games saw the RCM issue ten $20 sterling

silver coins featuring different sports, each with a total mintage of

5 million or approximately 500,000 per coin. As well, the RCM produced one

14kt $100 coin (145,175 minted).

To mark the centennial of the modern Olympic movement in 1996, the RCM

was the first of five Mints (along with those of Austria, Australia, France

and Greece) selected to produce limited edition coins. In 1992, the RCM issued

one $175 gold coin (22,092 minted) and two $15 silver coins (105,645 minted)

commemorating this special anniversary.

In what is now a legendary tale, a one-dollar coin was embedded in the

ice at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City prior to Canada's gold

medal-winning performances in both men's and women's hockey. To cheer on

Canadian athletes participating in the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic

Summer Games, the RCM launched the Lucky Loonie one-dollar circulation coin.

Over 6.5 million coins were put into circulation. A 2004 sterling silver

one- dollar Lucky Loonie coin was also produced with a mintage of 20,000. The

Lucky Loonie was the first Canadian circulation coin produced to mark an

Olympic Games.

Based on the popularity of the 2004 Lucky Loonie, a second version was

launched for the Torino Winter Games in 2006. 10 million coins were put into

circulation and a series of Lucky Loonie collectibles was also produced

including the 2006 sterling silver one-dollar Lucky Loonie coin, with a

mintage of 20,000.

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