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Token and Medal Society


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For collectors of tokens and medals, TAMS is the organization. Their journal, published six times a year, relates great stories about exonumia and history as well as providing a reference service for mavericks. The organization publishs catalogs and reference works and sponsors literary awards to encourage research and publication. They haven't had much of a presence on the web, but that is changing:


Token and Medal Society



The aims of TAMS are:


* To promote and stimulate the study of tokens and medals

* To cultivate fraternal collector relations

* To encourage research and articles and recordings pertaining thereto

* To disperse information and knowledge in a society journal

* To advance interest and prestige

* To promote meetings at conventions

* To promote and encourage distinct classifications at exhibits

* To endeavor to determine values of rarities

* To permanently record historical information relating to tokens and medals by publishing original works by members, and by reprinting old works not readily available to average collectors.

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