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Please make some searches on www.Coins2.com and feel free to write here all what your think about it.


Spam links? I'll kill them all! ;)


Your website not listed in results? Just tell me! :ninja:


But if seriously - all your remarks and advices are important for us.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

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I have tried it and it gives very relevant results. ;) It is in my favorites : useful numismatics tool !

You may add a language option for searches, what do you think about this ?

You can put my site (see my signature) in your engine, thanks.

Greetings. :ninja:


Hi Guillaume,

thank you for your appreciation!


I add your site into Coins2.com index. Maybe you can advise me another useful French numismatic websites?


We thought about language option for searches, but now it's a lot difficult for us... Maybe in future we could make it.

Now you can search on any language, and we accept websites from all the world, but you can't specify language in results.

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Hello ! ;)

This is a list of some good French links :


- http://perso.wanadoo.fr/campi (First Numismatics French sites annuary), oops it's done ! ;)

- http://mcbblancos.free.fr/MCB : (Quotations of French coins from Second Empire to 2001 and euro coins mostly)

- http://www.infonumis.info (Modern French coinage)

- http://chine.numis-collec.com : Site about imperial chinese coinage (Open is comming) & http://www.numis-collec.com

- http://herve.sors.free.fr (British coins)

- http://www.monnaie-romaine.com (Imperial Roman coinage)

- http://www.fredericweber.com (Imperial Roman coinage and some information about Greek and Galish coins)

- http://jgfmonnaie.info/ (Freeware for coins collections management)


In fact, language options is not important because you have just to enter a request with foreign words. ;)


This week-end, I will add a link to Coins2 on my links page. :ninja:


Cordialement. ;)

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Hi everybody, I'm here again!


I've not wasted the last few months - we joins new section Images & Prices at Coins2.com.


Now you can search for coins images and their value in shops and auctions. In order to organize this, we had to rewrite significant our search engine. But it's worth it.


However, it was too early to say - we had indexed not much numismatic sites, mainly USA coins and a bit of ancient coins. But the work continues.


In the meantime, I would ask anyone who finds a moment, to test a new section, and share with me their impressions. We are always pleased to hear praise, but in fact I am not here for that. We argue a lot in the process and do not always agree. We have specially launched a new section in 'beta' to ask for your help.


What has been done correctly and what not?

What you could not find?

What is not working as expected?


Please, more fair criticism. It is suitable than praise.

As before, I am pleased to see your comments here or on my e-mail.


And thanks to all who supported and supports us!

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